Payday online, or how to borrow safely

We need less cash, but we are increasingly reaching for it. In September this year, Poles borrowed PLN 2424 on average, 10% less than last year. However, this year more non-bank loans were granted this September than last year. Despite 500 plus and other state support, Poles lack money, and payday loans are a simple way to get it.

Online payday loans

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In the first three quarters of 2019, companies from the loan industry granted 2.046 million loans. Consumers show unwavering confidence in these institutions. After all, there is no reason to worry. Borrowing online can be completely secure. It is worth starting searching for payday loans offers not from the main search engine, but from the rankings of offers and loan companies. It’s definitely a more complete, secure source of knowledge. Random search results can lead us to the websites of dishonest lenders. The payday rankings only have proven companies, so switching to one of them does not involve any risk.

Apply for payday loans online

How do you take payday loans online?

How do you take payday loans online?

On the home page of loan companies should be a transparent calculator, from which we will learn:

  • how much you can borrow the first time
  • what amount can you apply for with the second loan,
  • what is the maximum amount of free loan,
  • how many days you can borrow cash,
  • what are the loan costs for a given amount and specific repayment period.

This information should be helpful in deciding whether a payday loan is beneficial or not and we should look at the next offer on the ranking list. After accepting the initial offer, complete the form to which the loan company employee will answer. This is a loan application, usually very affordable. You do not need to prepare an income certificate to complete it. By default, when applying for payday loans online , all you have to do is enter your monthly income and indicate their source. In this way, the lender will get to know our financial situation better and will be able to assess how much he can lend us, so that we can deal with repayment quickly and without undue delay.

Requirements for lenders from payday loans online

you will need the internet to apply for loans online, but you must also have a personal account. It is necessary for data verification and cash withdrawal. A personal account is required, i.e. assigned to one owner. In some cases, you need to have a small amount of money on your account. Some companies require a verification fee. It amounts to no more than PLN 1. A condition of applying for payday loans via the internet is Polish citizenship. These are loans available to Poles living in our country. You also need to have an optimal source of income for creditworthiness. In some cases, we will meet the criterion of age. Not every adult will receive payday pay.